How Your Sleepwear Can Affect Your Mental Health

They say you are what you wear. Just like you pay attention while getting dressed for your daytime affairs, it’s important that you dress right while going to bed, especially since what you wear can make a difference to sleep quality and your overall health. Studies show that when you dress better, you feel better, with added benefits like improved productivity, independent thinking, and increased self-esteem. At Capper, we understand the impact of sleepwear on your mental state which is why we offer luxuriously crafted 100% silk loungewear that not only helps you look good but also feels good on your skin guaranteeing you a restful night’s sleep.

We firmly believe that silk’s natural and anti-itch properties make it the perfect accompaniment to good sleep. Check out our silk collection with colors that embody style, comfort and tranquility; giving you the peace of mind for a great night’s sleep. 

Silk also helps in keeping your body temperature cool by providing a breathable, yet insulating barrier between yourself and the surrounding temperature, which can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Whether you prefer sleeping in full-length attires or shorts, we have something to suit all your nightly needs.

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